Fascia Release Massage Stick by Ashley Black


Ashley Black spent over 20 years educating herself and developing her skills learning everything related to fascia tissue. From her experience she began her product development to achieve physical leverage that would allow people to self-treat themselves. That journey led her to the original FasciaBlaster® device and then to many other fascia tissue related products. Ashley has become an award-winning prolific inventor.

Ashley Diana Black International Holdings LLC has invested millions of dollars in performing research and design to create high-quality products for people to perform self-treatment on their fascia tissue. Because the company is committed to its customers in achieving their highest level of fascia tissue fitness, the company is committed to protecting its products with patents to help maintain the market free from imposters and copycats who have not made the scientific and research investments that Ashley has over many years.

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Ashley Diana Black International Holdings LLC’s rights in the United States Patents listed on this site and associated with the following products.

Notice of Ashley Black’s Patent Coverage of Treatment Tools and Other Treatment Products

ProductsU.S. Patent Numbers
FasciaBlasterD735,818; 10,322,057; D952,880
FaceBlasterD777,939; 10,322,057; D952,880
Big DaddyD850,641; 10,322,057; D952,880
MasterBlasterD819,826; 10,322,057; D952,880
Mini-2D790,724; 10,322,057; D952,880
Mini-1D776,824; D952,880
Mini PaddleBlasterD949,374
Blaster Oil9,687,441
AfterBlaster Cream9,730,972