Ashley Black’s™ Blaster Pod™ for Feet


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FEET HEAVEN!! The Blaster Pod for the Feet is a sleek in design portable machine that slides under a desk easily. It has a special inflatable mechanism that presses the feet onto the pressure point knobs to allow you to control the pressure. Light and easy, or firm with more pressure. Pressure point knobs are strategically designed to target parts of the feet associated with the health of the entire body.
Size: Up to US Men’s size 11/12
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⭐ Made for the feet
⭐ Acupressure knobs
⭐ Red Light Therapy
⭐ Portable and easy to carry
⭐ 3 Massage Speeds
⭐ Heat function

✅ Aches
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Muscles
✅ Tightness / Tension
✅ Discomforts
✅ Circulation

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Weight 21 lbs