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The Face tool with over a 100k waitlist when it released! The FaceBlaster™ is a unique design, and our smallest Blaster tool, with small claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster® and took the world by storm in 2017 and is still a best-selling product today!
⭐ Great for face, neck, chest and delicate areas
⭐ 3 small claws for surface tissue
⭐ Small size, use any time anywhere
⭐ Easy to use natural massage motion
⭐ Use anywhere on the body
⭐ Perfect for on the go

✅ Skin
✅ Fascia tissue
✅ Cellulite
✅ Muscles
✅ Fat pockets
✅ Tightness
✅ Discomforts

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