FasciaBlaster® Starter Kit

Three groundbreaking new tools from Ashley Black at a time-limited special price.
Three Piece Kit Includes:
  • 1 × FaceBlaster
  • 1 × Mini 2
  • 1 × Nugget
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Have you heard? We have the science! In a peer-reviewed study published in Cogent Medicine, FasciaBlaster® devices were shown to decrease subcutaneous adipose tissue, decrease the appearance of cellulite and improve collagen remodeling.
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All study participants saw a reduction in cellulite.

Before and After

Rethinking Cellulite

It doesn’t even exist! It’s not a skin condition, and fat is not the issue. The surface layer takes on the appearance of what is happening deep inside. By addressing the fascia tissue below the surface, 100% of participants in a peer-reviewed study saw a statistical improvement in cellulite.

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FasciaBlaster® is shown to improve collagen remodeling Scroll to Learn More

Athletes use FasciaBlaster® for recovery

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Ultrasounds Don’t Lie

Blood and nerves run though the fascia and the muscles, so smooth supple fibers are very important. Look at the restoration of fascia and muscle quality in just 90 days! It’s mind blowing!

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FasciaBlaster® reduces subcutaneous adipose tissue Scroll to Learn More
1 Day

See an immediate result after just one use.

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Spot Reduce Stubborn Fat Pockets

You don’t need to freeze your fat or get liposuction to reduce fat “pockets”. Use FasciaBlaster® on all your stubborn fat pockets.

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30 Days

A dramatic change in overall function can be experienced in a month.

Revitalize Muscles and Fascia

Use the FasciaBlaster tools for the temporary relief of minor muscular pain and tension caused by fatigue or overexertion. Fascia runs through joints and in every part of our body. Use the tools to temporarily increase local blood circulation which will help revitalize.

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What is Fascia?

Fascia is the body’s connective tissue. It’s everywhere, and I mean everywhere. It runs from head-to-toe, fingertip-to-fingertip, all throughout the body. It provides a framework that helps protect and support individual muscle groups, organs, and the entire body. It has a similar resemblance to spiderwebs. There are four different types of fascia: structural fascia on the surface level; interstructural throughout the structures and organs; visceral, which fills in cavities and helps keep organs in place, and spinal fascia that we can find around the spinal cord.

When we experience injury or trauma to a part of the body, the fascia contracts and distorts in the area to offer support. These adhesions are also responsible for tightness and restriction. Not only can this be painful, but it is also the cause of cellulite that we have all grown to hate. When the fascia adheres to the skin, it pulls it down, and in turn, the fat is pushed up through the fascia, creating the ‘mountains and valleys’ we know as cellulite. Those pesky areas are painful and not so pleasant to the eyes. But no worries here, that is where the FasciaBlaster comes into play!

With our tools, you’ll have less pain, more energy, and improved range of motion. For those using the FasciaBlaster for aesthetics, many users also notice almost immediate results. Cellulite will become less visible, stomach pouches will begin to shrink, and bodies will take on a whole new look.


The FasciaBlaster is designed, engineered, researched, manufactured and used exclusively by and for Ashley Black.
Ashley Black has been overcoming physical ailments her entire life, including Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis and a life threatening bone infection. After healing herself through the knowledge of fascia her life’s mission is to empower others to take their health into their own hands. The FasciaBlaster tools and all her free information are Ashley’s way of changing the world, one healthy user at a time!
I’m not one of the many people that get the quick results, but I know it works and blasting has changed how I feel about myself.
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I have been thrilled with my change in shape. It’s surreal to see my body finally moving towards what I know is healthy for me.
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I cannot believe the difference it has made to my posture, size (my clothes fit much looser) and my stiffness has completely gone.
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It works!!! Love all of Ashley’s tools. They transformed my body!!
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There are three steps to an effective FasciaBlasting experience. A Starter Kit from Ashley Black contains everything you need to get started right away. Scroll down to Meet the Tools



The FaceBlaster is a unique design, and our smallest Blaster tool, with 3 tiny, dainty claws that employ the same benefits of the FasciaBlaster® for smaller, delicate areas.

The FaceBlaster was specifically designed for the face and temporarily increases local blood circulation to the face, which is amazing for our skin. Even though it was designed for the face, it is an amazing prep tool for all over your body.

Our users love it for small areas like neck, head feet, hands and knees. This tool was so popular that we had 100,000 users on the waitlist for this product when it launched. This is a must-have for your FasciaBlaster arsenal.

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The Mini 2 from Ashley Black allows for easy single-handed FasciaBlasting. You can use all the techniques of the FasciaBlaster® in hard to reach areas such as the inner thighs, neck, and arms.

The Nugget tips on the Mini 2 allow for smooth transitioning between FasciaBlasting and trigger point therapy. It’s perfect for travel and “on the go” FasciaBlasting sessions.

The Mini 2 is our most versatile tool yet, and a must-have for FasciaBlaster® users!

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The FasciaBlaster Nugget is a pocket-size tool to help target small or stubborn areas. Make sure to use a FasciaBlaster prep and massage tool before refining with the Nugget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is healthy fascia important?

Fascia is one of the most profound systems in the entire body. Understanding how to achieve healthy fascia can be life-changing.

Does the FasciaBlaster® cause bruising?

Yes, bruising can be expected. If the bruises seem unusual, stop using and see your trusted healthcare professional. If you have any unanticipated changes in your body or to your health, consult with your trusted healthcare professional. Please refer your provider to our website so they can understand more about our products.

How hard should I use the FasciaBlaster®?

Start off light and brisk! You have total control over how hard to use your Blaster, and you should start off FasciaBlasting with light pressure.

Can I use a FasciaBlaster product if I’m pregnant?

This is a personal choice that you need to make with your healthcare provider but never use a FasciaBlaster product on a pregnant tummy.

Where can I use the FasciaBlaster® on my body?

You can use all of the Blaster devices from head to toe but the FaceBlaster™ was specially designed for and is the only Blaster device to be used on the face.

What type of oil do I need?

We recommend our Blaster Oil. You can click here to purchase! These oils are formulated with Ashley’s personal touch and can help take your results to the next level!

FasciaBlaster® Starter Kit

Three groundbreaking new tools from Ashley Black at a time-limited special price.
Three Piece Kit Includes:
  • 1 × FaceBlaster
  • 1 × Mini 2
  • 1 × Nugget
Add to Cart $99

† Product packaging may vary